Another Bill McKibben Rolling Stone Article

Once again, environmentalist and author Bill McKibben has been published in Rolling Stone. His newest article, entitled “The Arctic Ice Crisis,” discusses the rapid melting of glaciers in Greenland and its negative impact on the world’s climate and rising sea levels.

Click here to read the article, and don’t miss Bill at this year’s Burlington Book Festival on Saturday, September 22 at 11 AM in the Film House at Main Street Landing’s Performing Arts Center.

Author and Environmentalist Bill McKibben.

Bill McKibben is the author of a dozen books about the environment, beginning with The End of Nature in 1989, which is regarded as the first book for a general audience on climate change. He is a founder of the grassroots climate campaign, which has coordinated 15,000 rallies in 189 countries since 2009. Time Magazine called him ‘the planet’s best green journalist’ and the Boston Globe said in 2010 that he was ‘probably the country’s most important environmentalist.’ Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College, he holds honorary degrees from a dozen colleges, including the Universities of Massachusetts and Maine, the State University of New York, and Whittier and Colgate Colleges. In 2011 he was elected a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and led the largest civil disobedience action in this country in 30 years.

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