Bookworks: Artists’ Books from the Book Arts Guild of Vermont

Opening Ceremonies, 7:00 pm, Friday September 16th: Bookworks Exhibit 
Burlington Book Festival Exhibit Hall, Saturday September 17th: Bookworks Exhibit and Book Structure Demonstrations

The Book Arts Guild of Vermont presents Bookworks, an exhibit of handmade books and book structures created by members of the guild. We are a group of artists and craftspeople interested in expressing ideas within the format of a book using diverse materials, techniques and approaches. These works include altered books, sculptural books and structures that may question the traditional idea of a book, but all can be ‘read’ by the viewer. During the exhibit, members will demonstrate some basic techniques used in book binding such as pamphlet sewing and coptic binding.

The Book Arts Guild of Vermont (B.A.G.) was established in 2005 to offer learning opportunities in and around the field of book arts and to create a supportive and welcoming environment for new and established artists, craftspeople and teachers.

We endeavor to promote greater public awareness of book arts, increase opportunities for members to exhibit their work and inspire and encourage creativity and the sharing of book arts in our community.

As part of this mission, B.A.G. produces a monthly e-newsletter that provides information about our upcoming programs as well as book arts-related shows, classes and events in the greater New England area. If you would like to receive our e-newsletter, please leave your email address on the sign-up sheet or sign up on our website: