Student Perspectives on the Burlington Book Festival

Freshmen professional writing majors from Champlain College were in attendance at this year’s Burlington Book Festival, learning about and exploring all aspects of the writing and publishing industry . Check out what freshman Victoria Muzyk learned from Madeleine Kunin’s presentation below, and be on the lookout for more student reviews and experiences in the next few days!


Fuck Law

 By Victoria Muzyk

The easy take on this assignment is to say I was scared of doing something wrong. Now, that could be getting lost on the way there to spitting on an author as I spoke to them. In all honesty, I’ve been horribly lost on my way to events before and I have spit on quite a few prestigious members of society, so I wasn’t afraid of either of those things happening. I was scared I’d show up at the festival and no longer feel passionate about writing, more importantly, my writing. I have a story within me, that I know to be true; the issue at hand is whether or not I posses the desire to write it. I have worked on pieces where I kill half of the characters just because they begin to frustrate me. I have also allowed myself to write cliffhangers for the simple satisfaction of irritating my readers. So anger is no stranger in my written works, motivating myself is challenging but far from impossible, and material is not at all scarce. The main issue is with my own mental state, it’s if I can look at myself in the mirror and know for certain that writing is my desired career path. Continue reading