The Role of Place

A Green Writers Press Panel and Workshop


Five Vermont writers will lead a discussion about tuning into the environment in fiction and poetry. They will talk about literature that advocates for protecting our natural resources or that portrays nature as a presence or character. The participants will look at examples in contemporary literature as well as in their own work and each will read a brief selection from a new book. In this era when environmental protection and sustainability are under threat, it is of utmost importance that writers speak out and speak the truth about the natural world. In fiction and poetry as well as nonfiction, they can advocate for the environment, its importance and fragility, and show how interrelated we humans are with all of life. Panelists will include Nancy Hayes Kilgore, Tim Weed and Nadine Budbill. Dede Cummings will moderate.

Green Writers Press is proud to announce the first book in our place-based history series, An American Harvest: How One Family Moved from Dirt-Poor Farming to a Better Life in the Early 1900s, by Vermont writer and University of Vermont professor emerita, Cardy Raper, PhD.