Virtual Reality Demo

What: Virtual Reality Demo
When: Sept 16 2017 12-4pm
Where: BCA Center

VR Demo Sneak Preview:

This is a book festival. What better place to get the story? Imagine your amazement as you float through space and asteroids fly by you creating bright colors in the starry sky, or the nostalgia of sitting in the passenger seat of a car as you watch a family grow up together, or even the tension of standing at the edge of a twenty story building in New York City. Take interaction a step further and stimulate your senses by unraveling a mystery while exploring an abandoned bar!
All of this can manifest itself in the world of virtual reality(VR). Students and faculty from the award-winning Emergent Media Center (EMC) at Champlain College will demonstrate the excitement of VR technology and the latest iteration of their VR development project in a special exhibition from 12:00 – 4:00 PM on Saturday, September 16th in a devoted space at The BCA Center on Church Street.
Participants will have the opportunity to strap on a VR headset with built in lenses enabling the user to enter 360 degree immersive environments. With the latest VR technology, users are not only fully immersed in these virtual worlds, they also have the ability to physically interact with them!
Video screens will also be present displaying what the user in the headset is experiencing in real time so stop by to watch a little virtual reality television! EMC staff will offer an introduction to VR and training lessons. Join us for a look into the future. This is your chance to personally experience VR!


The Emergent Media Center (EMC) at Champlain College is an award-winning center of innovation whose mission is to educate and inspire next-generation media creators and leaders. Through a collaborative, iterative design cycle, the center supports the talent and creativity of students in the design and production of games, mobile apps, physical prototypes, video, virtual reality and other mediated experiences. Guided by experienced faculty and staff, EMC students create solutions to challenging problems through processes that include stakeholders—from local to global. The shared goal is to positively impact arenas that include business, communications, learning, equity, environment, financial sustainability, health and social good.